Our Success Stories

* These students names have been changed to protect them for confidentiality reasons


"Drake" was a high school senior who was unsure about going to college. He didn't think he was able to go and had no clue how the higher education process worked.

He was a fist generation college student with a parent who was also unaware of the process. We assisted them both with application, FAFSA, admissions, financial aid and housing process.We also supplied him with all dorm room supplies! He is now attending his first semester at a 4 year university. 


"Brandi" was 19 years old and out of school for a year with no plans. She was living home with her single mother along with her 4 sisters and brothers. She was the oldest and responsible for taking care of her siblings. She had no job and was very depressed about her future. She was invited to take part in “The Princess Project” Annual Luncheon.  We identified- her need at our annual luncheon and assessed that she wanted to attend college. We helped her with making the proper college choice along with paying the application fees. We assisted her by becoming an advocate for her in all areas of the university. We worked on her behalf with the admissions, housing and financial aid.  We made sure she attended her registration and orientation session 200 miles away by coordinating transportation. We helped her to get all of her dorm room essentials in addition to taking her to college and setting up her room. She had no financial or parental support. She is now attending a university majoring in nursing.



"Stacey" is a graduating student who was living with a family because her mom was addicted to drugs and could not care for her. She had been in the foster care system throughout her middle and high school years and was in the DFACS system. She was in need of an advocate to help through her college entrance process. We identified her needs and assisted her with DFACS to get the proper paperwork she needed. We assisted her with the admissions, housing and financial aid departments in college she is attending. We also helped her to fill out a scholarship application and did the proper follow up on it. We worked with her through the necessary requirements to get the ILP scholarship through the State of GA. We acted as a advocate on her behalf with the ILP program and spoke on a regular basis with her worker to ensure he had everything from the college to complete her paperwork.  We drove her to the appointments necessary to complete receive the benefits. We assisted her by bringing her to complete her shopping for her dorm room needs.



"Jamal" was a young male who was out of school for a year and working and had a desire to go to the college but his mother was unaware of the whole process. Student 3 didn’t know how to fill out a FAFSA or how to check on his admissions status.  We assisted him with his FAFSA, admissions, housing and the financial aid process. He didn’t know to navigate the college process and needed someone to help him through the process. Student C and his mother came over to our office weekly to use our internet service as they didn’t have a computer or internet service. We taught his mother how to ask the right questions to the school her son attended. We informed her of the process and this was an aid to her son. 



"Jerimaiah" was a young male who was a very hard worker in high school but didn’t make the best ACT scores. He really wanted to go to college but he could not meet the ACT standards of any 4 year college. We contacted the admissions department and further and spoke on behalf of Student D. The school offered him a different option that he could use in addition to their ACT scores for admission. Student number D was admitted to college after doing the extra things required of him by the university and is in his second year of college.



"Katina" was a young girl who didn’t do her best in her early years of high school. At the beginning of her senior year she realized she had to get things together but was unsure of how she could get into college. We brought her to a local 4 year university and spoke with admissions to help her take the compass test along with submitting recommendation letters. After passing her compass test and being encouraged by The College Connection Advocates that nothing was impossible, she will be attending a 4 year college in Fall 2014.



"Brian" was a young man who applied to college but was stuck in the financial aid process. He was unaware and needed help with reaching someone from financial aid to give him information. We contacted financial aid and made sure his questions were answered. We also made sure he completed all of the paperwork needed. Additionally, we helped him to complete his Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note. We also answered the questions his mother had after she exhausted all options.



"Jabari" was a young man who recently graduated from high school and didn’t think he had the grades to get in to college but had a desire to go. We assisted him by making phone calls to several schools and inquiring about their processes for students with less than desired grades and scores. Through this process we were able to direct him to a program for trial students. He was successfully admitted into college and we were there to help him with all of the admissions, financial aid and housing procedures.



"Keiana" was a young lady who was 2 years out of high school and no direction. After hearing about the great things we did for other students, her and her mother sought us out for help. Student H graduated with a GED and was unsure of how that would work in college. We assisted her through the admissions, financial aid and housing process. We also coordinated assistance for her to get her dorm room essentials needed for her to start school.



"Darius" was a young man who was not sure about whether or not he wanted to attend college. He came to us for assistance and we encouraged him that he could achieve the dream of college if he wanted to do it. His parents were not successful in helping him make a decision. We assisted with the application and housing process. Once the student was successfully admitted, we assisted his parents with the information needed to finish up his financial process.



"Taylor" is a student with a disability who was living with her 82 year old grandmother who had no clue what to do to help her grandchild in school. We stepped in and made sure the student along with her grandmother was educated in the process of higher education. We also worked with the disabilities office at the university to make sure she was placed with the right accommodations. She is now a freshman in college.



"Tina" was referred to us from a school career counselor. She was homeless and in great need of assistance with mentoring and college assistance. We walked her through the process of applying and worked with the high school along with the universities homeless program to ensure she had housing before school started. We also provided all dorm room supplies. She is now a college sophomore.


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Accepted Students

Students Accepted into College


  • T. Terrell--South Georgia College

  • J. Holmes--Savannah State University

  • S. Haggans--South Georgia College

  • K. Spence--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • N. Murphy--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • C. Lewis--Allen University

  • Q. Clar--Valdosta State University/SGC

  • C. Johns Jr--Southern University Shreveport

  • K. Jefferso--Savannah State University

  • A. White--Albany State University

  • K. Blasé--Southern University Baton Rouge

  • A. Davis--South Georgia College

  • C.Johnson--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • J.Makin--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • D. Vaughn--Kennesaw State

  • C. Jones--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • A. Griffin--Savannah State University

  • C. Woody--Georgia State University

  • R. Woody--Georgia State University

  • A. Santibanez--Crown University

  • D. Sanchez--ABAC University 

  • D.Williams--Savannah State University

  • M. Wilson--Georgia State University

  • A. Trimble--South Georgia/Valdosta

  • S. Watson--Georgia State

  • J. Green--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • J. Mack--Lanier Tech

  • E. Juarez--University North Georgia

  • T. Adams--Georgia Gwinnett College

  • T. Butler--S. Birmingham College

  • J. Scott--Georgia College

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